May 2, 2011


I recently entertained with some friends the scenario that Barrack Obama might win the election and be assassinated.

It occurred to me that some lone hatemonger should be no match for the secret service, so I built the scenario on the assumption that an Obama assassination would have to be an inside job.

What I came up with scared the tinfoil out of me.

Initiating event: In an upset reminiscent of the beginning of the end for Dean, Barrack Obama comes in first at the Iowa caucus, Hillary comes in third. By Feb 6, Obama is one of two main contenders with Hillary in it but barely, neither of which is willing to take Hillary as a running mate. Hillary nearly pulls out the nomination on her own, but the IATSE strikes during the DNC in protest of concerns that Hillary may be pro NAU. Its a publicity stunt and Obama is allowed to quickly negotiate a deal, clinching his nomination.

The conspiracy: Bill Clinton taps his sometimes friend Wesley Clark to save the day for Hillary. He will be put up as a VP for Obama, then Obama will be assassinated after the election and Hillary will become Clark's VP and heir apparent for 2016.

Means: Clark starts courting a position on the Obama ticket with the support of Clinton financial backers. The need for a southerner and timely bad news for
John Edwards get Clark the VP spot.

Over the course of the first year of Obama's administration, the NAU preparations are allowed to become more high profile. Obama is then assassinated by a latino gunman, who is claimed to be affiliated with MS13 and an illegal immigrant from South America via Mexico. Rage at the assassination is allowed to fester into riots intentionally, creating distrust against poor minority areas which stand to lose the most under the NAU. Blaming the assassination on a South American gang and raising street gangs to the level of full blown terrorists is also used to create a security based justification for the NAU and for further homeland security measures.

Clark appoints Hillary as his Vice President. He also sacks Obama's sec def in favor of General Shalikashvili or if Shalikashvili isn't up to it since his 2004 stroke, possibly Barry McCaffrey. Richard Holbrooke would be a likely Secy of State; Albright wouldn't be unwelcome but she is politically more dangerous in some ways. The Clinton gang is back to establish a revolving door dynasty in the tradition of the Ford through Bush republican administrations.

Why Clark and company?
Clark, aside from Hillary, is one of the best presidential calliber allies Clinton has left in the party. The two have known eachother since at least '65. Clinton, with the cooperation of McCaffery and Holbrooke, Albright, and Shalikashvili got Clark his 4th star when Reiner and others were trying to run him out of the army. Cohen severely ticked Clinton off when he went around Clinton's back to get rid of Clark. He's part of the liberal internationalist team big time and he owes the Clinton's one. Interestingly, it would be raining eastern european born jews and catholics in this administration; this clique has a lot in common.

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